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Tainted Blood: Face Your Demons

Jenny’s terminally sick cousin, Ruthie, died in the room off the kitchen—Now Jenny’s sure something else lives in the room.

There’s something in the dark closet craving to get out…

Nobody believes 12-year-old Jennifer Holden. No matter how many times she tries to convince others that there’s something wrong with the house she lives in, no one listens. Even her best friend thinks she made up the shadowy figure she'd seen in the window of her empty home.

But the horror is just beginning…

Jenny knows the truth but she’s not sure what it all means. There’s a creepy man that follows her everywhere she goes. Shadows dance through the house. She’s starting to believe in demons. Can she convince others of the true danger before it’s too late? Or is her fate sealed?


You know those books where everyone gets out somehow...this is not one of them. I loved it, a bunch of kids, a demon, and a willingness to kill everyone. I loved it!

lexlion -- Amazon Book Reviewer

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